Polishing & Chrome


Email: danspolishing@yahoo.com


When shipping your parts to us,

please use the following packaging tips:

•Use sturdy/heavy-duty boxes or tubes

•Use plenty of packing material in order to prevent damage to parts in shipping

•Include a list inside the package of all parts (this is helpful in the event that your package gets damaged in the shipping process) and all good contact names and phone numbers. Also include your ship to address      and your mailing address (where you want your credit card receipt mailed to).

•Include with your list of parts notes of any/all specific instructions regarding your parts.  The notations should include descriptions of any repairs that need to be made (such as dents, dings, welding of holes, etc.), any portion of the parts that needs to be masked off (such as threads on bolts), and any/all other items that need special attention.

•Place a label on the outside of the box that includes a contact name, address, and phone number.


All pieces must be completely disassembled including removal of  all glass, rubber, knobs, brackets, screws, clips, and all other items that may be attached that you do not intend to have polished or plated.  Send only items that are to be polished and/or plated.  We do not re-assemble parts and will not be responsible for keeping up with items sent that does not get polished or plated.  Make sure all items are thoroughly cleaned of gas, diesel, fluids, grease or oil that may be in or on them.  Parts should not be ground on or sandblasted prior to shipment to us unless you are a professional.  This increases the damage to your parts and decreases the quality of the polishing and plating.  The quality of any welding done to the parts will affect the final quality of the plating as well.